Conowingo: at the rapids

I spent the day along the Susquehanna River in Maryland yesterday. We visited a large dam, the Conowingo Dam, built in 1928. It is classified as a medium height, masonry gravity dam. But what’s really interesting about the dam is that when electricity is being produced and the generators are cranked up, the fish that are residents of the river are churned around and brought toward the surface of the river. The vultures and eagles  are clever enough to take advantage of this, and the Conowingo is a gathering place for the local vultures, and the migrating eagles. Here are some pictures I took.






5 thoughts on “Conowingo: at the rapids

  1. Do you mean places to hide while taking the picture? These birds were not bothered too much by our activity. There are probably hunting places nearby. The eagles migrate in the fall. I was told that more eagles gather there then at any other point along the Atlantic Flyway. Especially in November.

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