Let’s go O’s!

Sunday afternoon the Baltimore Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox six to three. Since the night before the O’s were tied for 1st place in the American League east.  The O’s and the Yanks have been tied off and on throughout the season. The LA Angles were still playing at the end of the Oriole’s game, and the entire team, after congratulating one another, stood en masse in shallow right field watching the jumbotron, hoping to see the Angles beat the Rangers, securing a place in the MLB playoffs.


We sat at home watching this drama unfold when it dawned on me that I was so caught up in the moment that I was ignoring an amazing picture. Me at home watching TV, taking a picture of the entire O’s team, backs to the cameras,  watching a gigantic TV in the stadium, with 41, 257 loyal fans, all raptly looking on to see if this was the moment they would know they were going to the play-offs.

Just missed getting my picture of what happened, but I’ll never forget the image. Thanks guys.


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