Backyard drama

It started with the crows screaming.  I knew something was going on because the crows were calling something out.  Crows are fearless.  I’ve seen them confront red tailed hawks twice their own size. I guess you do what you have to get on.  And actually I was thinking that that’s exactly what the crows had seen, a big hawk.  I grabbed my camera and went out back to see if I could catch sight of the action.

Something was happening in a big pine tree.  I could see movement, but nothing specific.  The crows continued to screech and eventually I saw something small moving around.  It looked like a large bumble bee, but then I realized it was a humming bird.  A humming bird moves so differently with that constant motion that it takes me a while to actually understand what I’m seeing.

This little guy was hopping all over from branch to branch.  The crows were screaming and now I’m trying to take pictures. He (or she) was maybe a bit over an inch or so tall.  Usually we get ruby-throated hummingbirds, and that’s probably what it was. I kept shooting and finally got a decent image.

I wish these pictures contained more detail, but suddenly the drama went up a notch when I moved below the tree to try for better visibility. Cue the soundtrack from JAWS. Daadump.

Suddenly I saw the hummingbird leave the pine and fly south to a tree at the end of my yard. I looked up and saw the reason why.  There sat a huge red-tailed hawk perching on the branch that the hummingbird had just vacated. Yikes! He was big!

I kept shooting, hoping for a better vantage point without scaring the hawk away.  Finally I got it.

What a beauty this guy was! The crows kept up their jeering and the hawk was oblivious to everything but the hunt.  Happily though, the hummingbird had eluded his stalker.

I love a good happy ending.


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