My odd obsession with station wagons

During the holidays I watched Smilla’s Sense of Snow & this car, a Volvo 522 SW was in it.  Smilla and her boyfriend drive around Copenhagen eluding seriously evil bad guys. And what a beauty!  A boyfriend of mine had the sedan in red & that car was a trooper.  The movie was very good.

But I couldn’t get much beyond the car.  There is just something about these old Volvo’s that speaks to me.  They’re practical, utilitarian.  I learned how to drive in this model, a B 122 series.  And learned how to shift gears, something I’m still doing, although in traffic jams I long for an automatic transmission.  Our model had a dark blue body w/ a white top.  Extremely nice.  These cars lived for a very long time, hundreds of thousands of miles.

This is my ultimate favorite, the P 1800 SW. I’ve never been in one, and you rarely see them anymore.  Such cool design though.  There is a new wagon that Volvo has had out now for a couple of years, The Volvo V30, and you can see the resemblance:

Very similar to the P1800 SW, but the price tag is absurdly high:

The sedan version of the P1800 was the car that Simon Templer drove, from the old TV show, The Saint:



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