Another walk in the Park

I’ve been walking my dogs in Herring Run Park for 12 years. Every day I see many of the same people and their dogs, and gradually over time, relationships develop. Not with everyone, and some of the relationships are really just nods of acknowledgement, but like that say goes: 98% of living is just showing up.

So here is the beginning of an ongoing post with some of the people I see every day.

The first picture is of Zander, a German Short-hair Pointer.  These two were talking to Gail when I came up to the bench.

Gail is a librarian from Utah. Bert is her 9 year old standard poodle & Boomer is a 7 year old shepherd mix. I have talked to Gail about everything from J.D Salinger to Dick Cheney to women’s basketball. She’s interested in everything and everyone.

While we were talking, treat man came up and posed for a photograph.

I’ve been talking to treat man for years, but i have no idea what his name is, or anything about him. One time I stopped to talk to him under the Harford Road Bridge & he showed me a huge turtle swimming below us. He is usually wearing headphones & can’t hear you. Once he gave Thor a treat & he’s never forgotten. In fact all of these dogs are crowding around him because they haven’t forgotten the treats either.

While we were talking to Gail, Josette & her 3 dogs walk up. Josette is from France & still retains her accent. We talk about politics & people who neglect their animals. I don’t know her dogs by name.

When I walked back to the parking lot I saw Augie’s 1964 Plymouth:

What a beauty. I got to know Augie & his wife Ginny (who was at home this morning) because our dogs liked one another. Their dog Junior was part Akita & he loved my dog Molly. Junior was the greatest dog, friendly & engaging & sadly he developed a cancer on his ankle. His ankle just kept getting bigger & bigger, and Junior would hop along on three legs. He loved coming to the park & visiting with everyone.


Ginny & Augie found Lucky in the park & took him in. He’s had a hard life & isn’t as trusting as most dogs. But he’s getting there.

The man on the bench w/ Augie Is Bill & his neighbor’s dog, Charlie. Here there are on the other side of the park:

So that’s everyone I met this morning. There are plenty of other people that I hope to include. Till then, take it easy!







3 thoughts on “Another walk in the Park

  1. How lovely the snippet you capture. I was often wondering about those dog-walkers, how their lives are crossing but not entangling (but they could!) and what a wonderful short film this would make…

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