spring walk

This picture was all the incentive necessary to get to the park this morning. I’ve been watching the buttercups multiplying for weeks now, and today they filled the field. I am covered in pollen. It’s a bee’s paradise. I thought I’d show the sights along the path to this field in Herring Run Park.

This is, I think, a barn owl. He’s big enough to be a great horned owl, but he has no horns that I can see. For about 2 months I’ve seen this guy and his partner along the side path down from parkside rd that leads into Herring Run.  Sightings are always rather dramatic with big swooping advances from the owl as he moves over the path and onto a branch to scope me out. His call is almost laughable, exaggerated as it is w/ big, over-the-top hoots.  Maybe this is where the term “hootananny” came from.

Along the way to the field it’s heavily wooded and there are wild flowers on the path. Here’s a checkerboard butterfly.

These beautiful pink ones.

Purplish blue three petaled. A trillum?

And one more picture of the field.


7 thoughts on “spring walk

  1. You said you’re from Baltimore? Awesome. Great photographs by the way. What kind of camera do you have? In addition to the music blogging I also do some photography, but it’s mostly a hobby.

    1. Hey Matt, I live in Arcadia & it’s close to Herring Run Park. I use a little digital canon, nothing fancy. Thanks for the compliments. The pics keep it interesting. I was chasing that owl for a month. I see you have the Boss on your page. You’re talking to an old woman who saw Springsteen @ DAR in I can’t even remember when, but circa Asbury park. It was while he was still under the radar. The finale was Rosalita, but the entire concert was unbelievable. We had great seats, but I don’t remember ever sitting down. Also saw him at the Carter Baron in the spring or summer. Same deal. Never sat down.

    1. Thanks for your comments. If i hadn’t been looking specifically I wouldn’t have seen him either. But he’s hunting in the daytime & carries on quite a bit. Lots of over the top hooting.

  2. You have a nice blog. Your garden is doing better than mine, too cold here and we didn’t have enough rain in April and now we have too much! The photographs are interesting too, very different to mine although we appear to select some of the same subjects. I tend to have trees in my photographs for depth. I did take photographs of tall trees but haven’t used those in a blog. If you haven’t tried it, you might like Windows Live. The photo gallery program is good for editing photos and Windows Live writer allows you to publish at a given time and data and handles headings and fonts better. I wrote one yesterday and it published at 9 o’clock this morning!

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words. I’ll have to drop by and see what you’re up to. I use photoshop to adjust & resize, although I just got a copy of aperture which seems capable enough for my editing needs. Cheers!

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