How the arnold mac 700 runs

Last year I posted some pictures of my toy, the Arnold Mac 700, a German toy made in the 1950’s. The Mac 700 has a very complicated mechanism, known as a clockwork: the rider goes, stops, dismounts, remounts and rides again. The handlebar lifts the rider and the pivot on the left foot that makes him turn.
Here is a link to watch the toy in motion:

Color Variations

My mac has a red motorcycle and rider wears brown pants and a gray shirt. The other version has a black motorcycle, and the rider wears gray pants w/ a brown shirt. There is also a Mac 700 w/ a side car (how cool is that?) There are also pre-war versions of the mac 700.

How Do Wind-Up Toys Work?

The clockwork mechanism is the oldest type of wind-up activator and the most desirable among today’s vintage toy collectors. The mechanisms were popular in toys made in the later 19th and early 20th centuries. The wind-up mechanism adds whimsy and locomotion to the toys. Whether a toy winds up with a key, a crank or some other mechanism, the process of winding the toy initiates another mechanical process, where gears attached to the key connect to mechanisms that either pull a device such as a rubber band or compress a device such as a spring.


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