blown brackets: women’s basketball, the championship

Not only are my brackets blown beyond repair, there is no getting around my losses this year. I thought that I would at least have UConn to count on, but it was a rough final four. Stanford should never have allowed Texas A&M to stay close enough to eke out the win in the remaining seconds. Add to that some seriously bad passing and the upset looks more inevitable. The oldest Ogwumike sister, whose name I cannot spell, was great in all phases of the game, scoring 30 plus points, and dominating the boards at both ends. But where was the depth of Stanford? Okay, in fairness they brought in Murphy, but she fouled out in the 2nd half & that was the end for Stanford. What an agonizing loss. 63 to 62.

The more dominating loss was UConn losing 72-63. Skyler Diggins took charge, and has teammates who can play: Novasell was consistent, and the other main point getter. She played convincing defense. Notre Dame shut out The big center, Dolson, and put the load on Maya Moore’s shoulders. That was a risk, because Moore almost pulled it off. But her shots faltered in the end.

I’m hard pressed to pick a winner at this point. I think that Notre Dame has the fire power & enough players to make a difference. Muffet McGraw is a smart coach who will approach this game intelligently. Texas A&M’s coach, Gary Blair seems positively crafty. Scary crafty! He has his team poised to play, and ready for whatever ND can come up with. So can I pull out one last win from this crazy tournament? Texas A&M is my pick. Go Butler!


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