Fish Shaped Candy Mints

The union busting in Wisconsin is being backed by the Koch Brothers, two ultra-conservative wealthy republicans with money to spend and a middle class to destroy.

Here’s the article:

For the record I am not a union employee. I am, however,  concerned that labor unions are under attack by the right and by right leaning corporate republicans who are attempting to strip political power from a large traditional democratic stronghold. Public employees fight fires, educate our children, show us how to navigate information in libraries and provide public health services. It is public health that resonates most strongly here because of abortion. This is the new line of attack on a woman’s right to an abortion. It’s an indirect method, but don’t be fooled, this is all about individual rights, and someone else’s idea of morality for you. This is right-wing, corporate America’s attempt to stamp out consumer protections, collective bargaining and a woman’s right under law to an abortion. A veritable trifecta of conservative mantra, all in one neatly wrapped package.

Collective bargaining is the power of numbers to counter the power of the all too persuasive dollar. Let’s not forget where unions came from and why they came about in this country, they were created to protect the rights of employees. A forty hour work week came out of unions, vacations, reasonable sick leave, fair pay, all hugely integral to a decent life, a life not controlled by the land-owner, overlord, king, etc.

When the economy is slow, as it is now, it is human nature to look for a scapegoat, for anyone to blame. Hitler attacked the Jews initially, blaming Germany’s bad economy on their greed. Conservative’s are accusing public employees of greed. I believe that public employees represent only 7% of our economy. This is hardly a big number. These people are not breaking the bank. We have been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. We voted to continue to give the wealthy a free ride with taxes. That is a substancial chunk of money, money that might normally be going into state coffers. But the wealthy would rather let you and I make up any shortfalls that occur.

Powerful interests in conservative clothing are offering you candy mints shaped like fish. Don’t let them fool you.


3 thoughts on “Fish Shaped Candy Mints

    1. Hello Carolyn, Ironically enough, the mints were made in China. They were a gift, so I’m not certain where they were purchased other than in Rochester, NY. The distributer is Greenbrier International, Inc. Chesapeake, VA 23320. Good luck!

  1. I have called Greenbriar International, Inc. and haven’t gotten a response. They were in a ranch house where I stayed on a visit. I am in Real Estate selling resort property on the water and I would like very much to find them.

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