baby stuff

Okay. I am not a fan of baby showers. I like babies, especially from a distance. But I’m a girl, and ultimately little baby things just charm the heck out of me. Who can possibly resist this stuff? It’s all too cute for words.

These hats are handmade, 100% cotton and beyond adorable. I just happen to know that more babies are born in July, August and September & so if you’re headed for a baby shower & need a gift . . .

You can’t do better than the Woman’s Industrial Exchange. A non-profit shop in Baltimore, MD where women can still sell their handmade goods and receive most of the profit–just as they did after the Civil War when money was tight, or they’d lost their husbands and needed a reliable source of income. The Baltimore Exchange has been in continuous operation since 1882.

The down economy has effected everyone, (well, almost everyone – I guess we can leave most investment bankers out of the equation) but non-profits have really taken a hit. This shop isn’t in a mall, it’s not just like the other baby goods stores you’ve seen, and it’s not trying to get a monopoly on all things baby. It’s real, and it sells real, honest-to-goodness stuff. Buy local, buy American. Be a part of history.


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