week 7.5: red tomatoes!

This is it, the moment I envisioned sometime last winter. I was probably making soup and opening big cans of tomatoes and feeling somewhat disheartened by the contents. I don’t like paying $5 plus dollars for canned tomatoes to get the best, although Wegman’s probably has a better price, but the drive kills me. Anyway, who cares about great canned tomato prices when you grow your own. What follows is a visual tour de force of vegetable superiority, no matter how many locally grown produce signs your grocer puts out, they’ll never come close. Ha!

Do you notice the almost etherial glow these beauties put off? I was wearing sunglasses when I snapped these pictures. That’s right, I had to.

It’s been just miserable for the last 2 weeks here in Baltimore. Constant high heat and ever present humidity just wears on you, even when you’ve lived in this climate your entire life. These are the dog days of August a few weeks early. But there’s no denying what this weather does for your garden.

This is my only eggplant–at least so far. And I fear that it’s going to be the only one all summer. A hulking monster eggplant that will literally pull the bush down under its weight. More fertilizer, I guess. Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up:

Baltimore, MD, where the old people run out into the streets and try to fry eggs, hoping to prove that it’s hotter here than somewhere else. They might be on to something, or there might be water supply issues.


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