art among the ruins

This is where I park my car when I go to work. It’s in what’s called a transitional area of town, but I’ve lived in Baltimore for twenty-five years and this area has only transitioned down. One block north is The Enoch Pratt Free Central Library, a beautiful old building from the 1880’s, and the new Basilica directly across the street. I park here because the rates per month are reasonable, but there is no attendant after five p.m., goodnight Abdul.

Last night as I was leaving the lot I glanced over to the building on my right. Sometimes people are parked in that driveway just in front, and it’s my only way out to a street heading north. That’s when I saw the drawing. I don’t know for sure what the medium is. Maybe charcoal? Maybe ink? Acrylic? Really though who cares what it is.

Baltimore is the kind of town where there are billboards throughout the city in varying degrees of disrepair. You can almost always find unintentional art if you’re looking, torn fragments of previous posters lie alongside even older posters and they all come together in unique ways that can totally take your breath away. Of course, there is nothing unintentional about this about this portrait. Isn’t it lovely how the artist used the grain of the particle board in the composition?

Anyway . . . Baltimore, MD. What a town.


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