My Garden: week 5

Still humming along. One tomato plant looks like it might have issues, but I read this week that overhead watering in humid weather causes problems. This is from The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C. Smith, an essential tool for gardener’s.

Common-sense watering:

Nature waters from above. Rain soaks the soil and also the plants. Usually, gardeners are best off if they copy nature, but watering is an exception to the rule. Tomatoes, peas, beans, melons and squash are all more susceptible to diseases like late blight when their leaves are wet, especially in muggy or humid weather. Overhead watering is also more wasteful because most of the water that ends up on the leaves, rather then in the soil, is lost to evaporation.

These two plants already have multiple tomatoes growing. The other two plants are as tall as these but they have only one tomato each.

After reading Mr. Smith’s opinion about overhead watering, I hauled out a soaker hose which is seen here winding through the garden.

The squash plant is looking ready to take over the garden. There are 4 baby squash growing here. The next picture is the whole plant. Yikes! glad I settled on only one plant!

The blackberry bush is a bit taller but won’t be producing berries this year. Maybe next year.

But look at the raspberries! And here’s my first bunch of bush beans! these beans are ready to go into some Thai Basil Chicken for dinner tonight. Check the food section for the recipe.

That’s it from beautiful Baltimore, MD, the greatest city in the country, and the city that reads.


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