My Garden: week 4, amazingly still with us

Thought I’d start out w/ a picture of the day lilies in front of a hydrangea. I wish I knew the different varieties so I could mention the name of the hydrangea. It’s a beauty whatever it is, and the best part is that I don’t have to do much of anything from year to year, and it just keeps coming back.

Here is the blueberry bush. It is packed w/ berries & they are just beginning to ripen this week.

The garden is still coming in nicely. The sugar snap peas are outgrowing the sawhorse.  I’m not sure how tall these guys get, but they are really shooting up.

The bush beans look positively robust with tiny lavender /white flowers atop strong foliage.

Squash now has three teeny tiny crook neck yellow baby squashes.

And next to mr. squash is the eggplant which so far, after the promise of great difficulty in raising such a finicky personality, is coming along nicely.

But the real reason we’re here is the tomatoes. Four of five plants are looking strong. One plant was bigger than the others initially, having a week or more head start in the ground, but they are evening up in height. I’ve even noticed a few little tomatoes on the vines.

Yesterday afternoon I fertilized w/ two tablespoons of fish emulsion. Yum! that’s some tasty smelling’ stuff. This morning it’s been raining  sporadically, gentle little showers so the ground will get a good soaking.

Here is the blackberry bush at week two, still looking great, have’t killed it yet. Below are the raspberries:

So that’s it from here in Baltimore, Maryland, 39° 17′ 25″ N / 76° 36′ 45″ W, in the lovely mid-Atlantic region of America. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and ready for the weekend!


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