June 8, 2010 Garden updates

Last week I was looking at the Japanese maple in the front yard and I noticed that the day lilies were getting ready to blossom, and here they are in full bloom.

What’s even better is that the lilies sit in front of the  blue hydrangeas, each color complementing the other. The hydrangeas are particularly  lovely this year. they’ll last into the fall. The blueberries are in the foreground.

Meanwhile the Japanese Maple is really going to make it. Here’s a picture of the gash that was left when I removed the duct tape this week. Isn’t this amazing that the tree could withstand such an attack on it’s existence?

I forgot to mention that the blueberries are beginning to ripen. This picture is not super clear, but you can see the the ripening pattern.

In the back yard behind the garden there are red raspberries. I believe they are wild because they are the same berries that grow nearby in Herring Run. They will be ready to eat by the end of June/ start of July.

We added a black raspberry bush. I’m not sure that it will produce this year, but I’m anxious to see what happens.

Here are this weeks garden pictures. This is Week three–I think.

The tomatoes are really shooting up, beans are growing taller & fuller.

Here are the sugar snap peas in front of the eggplant.

Look closely and you can see the squash blossom . . . my first squash! below is irish moss which also blossomed this week. Check these little tiny white flowers.

So that’s it from here. Spring is the most amazing time to be alive. Everything is beginning anew for another year. It’s another chance to make everything right, and not just in your garden. But it’s the garden where I’ll begin. This year in particular, while the images of the oil leak in the Gulf are published, it’s added incentive to make your part of the world better, cleaner. The earth is wondrous, and I see that so clearly in my own yard, all the perennials returning for another year, the maple tree that should be dead by any logic, and a garden that continues to grow with just a little water and some sunshine. Life is good.


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