meet my new water heater: A.O. Smith Vertex

For the past week my partner and I were attempting to decide what kind of new water heater we wanted, or needed. We could replace the old, conventional water heater with a brand new conventional model–and actually this was the choice that would have saved us the most money up front; or go the tankless route, a method already being used extensively in Europe with great results & 98% efficiency. This was the most expensive option, though the efficiency rating coupled with a tax credit of one third of the installation costs was tempting. However there is a downside: yearly maintenance costs and stainless steel piping for some models. Our plumber even suggested a booster that would eliminate any delays in getting hot water. Well, that pretty much took away any savings that we might realize. Ultimately, though, we went with this Vertx model, which was still pricey, but also came with the tax credit & and a 90% efficiency rating.

Here you can see where the installers signed & dated their work. That’s how proud they were. When is the last time any one who installed anything in your house signed their names? In the Vertex heater, instead of venting out the middle of the tank, gases travel a 30-foot glass coil, offering more surface area and more time to transfer the heat from gas to the water. The net result is you get a lot more hot water out of a traditional-looking standard footprint product than you can out of even much larger units, and you can get continuous hot water, like a tankless model.

So here it is, installed w/ these two great guys posing for the picture. I hope we’ve made the right decision for us and for the planet.


One thought on “meet my new water heater: A.O. Smith Vertex

  1. I’m so sorry about your neighbor’s dog. Is it one of the dogs that was locked in the garage?
    Congratulations on the new water heater.

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