dogs & cats

I know that these guys are supposed to be proverbial enemies . . .

This is Thor (the dog) 13 & Jake (the cat) who is 15. These guys have been friends for a long time.

I found them here last week all snuggled up with one another. Animals, just like humans have their friends and their enemies. My other dog, Molly is very picky about who she plays with. Pepper & Hattie, the two black standard poodles are her favorite friends, and Molly will allow them to chase her endlessly, all the while biting her butt & harassing her until they are all exhausted and their tongues are dragging . Thor has always been friendly to everyone, but when Scarlett the pitt bull comes around he’s like a young pup, ready to show-off & if the moment is right . . . well, you know, he’ll try to jump her. Scarlett is thrilled by this amorous display.


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