garden’s in, pictures at day one

I’m so happy to finally have the garden in place, but now it’s time to start worrying about fertilizing & basic maintenance, which admittedly I’m not that good at.

This year’s garden has: 4 tomato plants; Big girls (a kind of Jersey tomato); Brandywine’s (great heirloom variety); Mortgage Maker (how could you say no to a tomato w/ a name like that?); and Mr. Stripey (or something like that. It is a yellow & green striped heirloom.) For me a garden is all about the tomatoes. Everything else is just gravy, so to speak. I surround the tomatoes w/ marigolds and nasturtiums which help fend off pests.

Next I have sugar snap peas, yellow squash, and eggplant and jalapeno peppers. All of these go well together in a garden, working like the nasturtiums & marigolds to protect one another.

Finally I have herbs: 3 basil, a rosemary, lemon balm, chives & flat-leaved parsley.

I’m off to the hardware store for netting & fish emulsion fertilizer. The netting is for my blueberry bush which is loaded w/ berries this year. Last year at this time the blueberries were packed on the bush, but ultimately the production was way down. The same thing happened w/ my raspberry bushes. This might be because of minimal fertilization from bees. There certainly are not as many bees around as in the past. Whether this is because of global warming or chemical run-off, I don’t know, but the drop in product was noticeable. This year I’ll try to quantify to a certain extent.

Here you can see the amount of blueberries on the bush. Looks good, eh? We’ll see. There is still talk about missing bee colonies, but that might be tied in to the warming/chemical speculation. More to come.


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