The city of Baltimore has a new website called Cleaner Greener. On the what you can do page I found this picture, which could not be more accurate. This is what the park looks like when the soccer teams are trying to help by piling much of the trash in the center of the field. In fact the more I read this site the more depressing it becomes, because it’s a beautiful new website, full of good intentions and high hopes, but the reality is a bunch of people trashing the same area week after week, year after year, and the Parks Department just lets it happen. We’re all just letting it happen, but it’s the Parks Department that has the authority to stop the littering by fining the soccer league or teams w/in the league that are allowing the trash to be left on the field when they leave.

There is a link for creating a community pitch-in program. Again, a great idea in theory. The Herring Run Spring clean-up was how I ended up in the park to begin with. Please check the earlier entries on this site.

“Community Pitch In” Program

There are many ways the City can partner with community and leadership organizations to make Baltimore a cleaner, greener City. The Community Pitch In Program was established to provide City support, above and beyond routine services, for communities going above and beyond to improve their neighborhoods.

A Pitch In project is focused on the cleaning or greening of a lot, or larger block area, by a community, environmental or faith-based organization.

Assistance for a Pitch In project can be requested by the president or head of an organization and/or his/her specific designee.

The City can provide TOOLS AND SUPPLIES:

Leaf rakes, brooms, gloves and bags can be provided upon request to assist your project.

• We will need an address and someone on hand to sign for delivery of tools.

• We will need an address from which to retrieve all tools and unused supplies after your project is complete.

These are all great ideas that need first rate follow-up by the city. I think this is an example of one hand not brushing the other as things do or don’t get done. There doesn’t seem to be a coordination of efforts. How can the Friends of Herring Run launch their annual spring clean-up without the Parks Dept. knowing about the efforts to clean the park, coexisting with the efforts to trash the park by the soccer teams. It’s all happening in the same place. And I’ll reiterate that this is not an isolated incident. This is week after week, all soccer season long, spring to fall, year after year.


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