Can things get any worse for Bethanny? Answer this poll!!

Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of NYC found Bethanny telling Alex that she went to Los Angles to visit her dying father, and he wouldn’t see her. Bethanny, just lie down, wherever you are and we’ll just walk all over you, making sure to rub your face in the dirt. As removed from reality as these shows are, and–come on– the editors are manipulating content right and left, but when the real moments start hitting home, it is as real as it gets. Hurtingly real.

Bethanny is being kicked repeatedly. Last week after Ramona invited Bethanny to come over while Jill and LuAnne were visiting, in the hope of reconciling the former best friends, Bethanny leaves believing she has failed to reach Jill. But the minute Bethanny walks out the door, Jill begins to cry, asking “am I heartless? I didn’t even cry.”

Yes Jill, you’re heartless. But what do you think? Can this friendship recover?


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