Jill! how can you be so mean to Bethany?

Okay I just have to say something about The Housewives of NYC, because I am tired of screaming at the TV: Jill, you are being sooooo mean. This is right out of High school, throw some cheerleader outfits on someone, toss in the pom poms & let it rip. Jill will apparently say anything to her former bff. It’s all too clear though that Jill is hurting just as much as Bethany, but will not admit it, because, 1) she really cares about being right (for all the wrong reasons), and 2) LuAnne is coming between Beth & Jill, literally & figuratively. This is really upsetting. Women need a best friend, and Jill is running into the girl’s room and writing all these nasty things all over the mirrors, in a manner of speaking.

I know this because I was a mean girl who put up some nasty-ass collection box for a certain someone’s medical care, an intensive operation to reconfigure this girl’s spine so she would no longer be a sway-back.

But wait, there’s more. Some hapless transfer student in ninth grade who wanted us to call her “Bunny!” My God, it was as if she was just begging us to torment her. And so we did. I went to a private school where we wore uniforms. Always white blouses and some cardigan or another for four years. A lot of lint built up on those sweaters. One day my friend Peggy & I collected massive amounts of lint balls from our sweaters and Peggy attached the collection of lint to a big wad of gum. Peggy sat right behind Bunny who was leaning forward in her desk, listening to every word Mrs. Blue, the history teacher had to say. Peggy reaches up and taps Bunny on her shoulder to get her attention, and Bunny leans back into the wadded lint/gum, oblivious to the burden she now shouldered. Sorry for that really bad metaphor. It’s late. I’m upset by Jill.

While I’m here talking about those Housewives, I just have to add that both Alex and Simon seem positively sane, and immensely likeable. Certainly more than in last year’s episodes. Guess it’s that pesky editing.


One thought on “Jill! how can you be so mean to Bethany?

  1. i liked your first trash story and was impressed how you moved into a whole different trash story so easily. here’s to more positive outcomes from our city gov.

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