This is Norman. I found him just before Christmas at the park I take my dogs to, Herring Run. Someone had placed him and his brother inside a plastic recycling bin along with a bunch of tee shirts. I had just finished walking the dogs when I saw the bin sitting in front of the restrooms in the parking lot. I thought I could always use an extra recycling bin & picked it up & found Norm’s brother frozen solid. It had been a particularly cold week. I looked up, though, and saw Norman resting  in the sun, very much alive.

He ran from me when I tried to pick him up, running behind the building and disappearing. He was so tiny, just weeks old and not much bigger then my hand. I followed him and found a hole in the building that was filled  with dried, dead leaves. Probably just enough leaves to keep Norm warm enough to live through the night.

I went home & got a can of cat food & a cat carrier and went back to get Norm. The poor little guy was starving. He chowed down on the food and I scooped him up and took him  to the vet. He was a healthy 1 pound 5 ounces, and apart from a few fleas, he was good to go. Oh the other part of this story is that the vet thought initially that Norm was a girl, so I named her Nora. At our second visit, there was conclusive evidence that Nora, a name I so wanted to bestow, was in fact a Norman.


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