Japanese maple damaged in back-to-back blizzards

These are the sad remains of my beautiful (well, once beautiful) japanese maple.  The tree was only 2 years old and the back to back blizzards stripped every branch from the tree. You can see the pile of branches just beyond the main trunk to the left. Each graceful, draping branch, reduced to a dried pile of sticks. I still don’t know exactly why this happened. The tree was covered by the snow, a good two plus feet of snow. But no one was walking on top of the snow.

I’m not sure that what remains of the tree will survive. The area where the large branches came off needs to be covered to prevent an infestation. I don’t even know what the tar-like substance is that I need, or if it’s even worth trying to save the tree. It’s going to grow out awkwardly, I think. But maybe not. After checking around a bit, there’s a good chance the tree will survive, but any input would be appreciated.


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