Thor at 12

Here’s my boy. We found Thor at Defender’s of Animal Rights. He was two years old and he’d been neglected by his owner. It’s hard to understand how that could have happened because from day one, Thor was right next to me. I mean if I was in my office, that’s where he was, and on and on. He isn’t  intrusive or demanding–he’s just hangin’ out. Would he like to go for a walk? Absolutely! Let’s go. Whatever, he’s up for it.

The shelter told us that Thor had a mate and that she’d had a litter of puppies, but was hit by a car. When Thor was found, he was taking care of the puppies by himself. What a story! I can’t even begin to say how much I love this guy.

We walk about 2 miles a day & he looks good. he’s built ( though I guess it doesn’t show so much in this picture). He loves to swim and play catch, or chase squirrels & hang w/ Molly.


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