Blah, blah, blah.

Is there something, some one thing that ties all this together? Absolutely not. More importantly, absolutely no one is paying attention. I am shipping this stuff out wholesale & I have no takers. No response, no reaction whatsoever. This blog is like a sort of existential balm. I blather on, no one listens & I guess I’m somehow appeased. What I most decidedly am not is any more connected somehow, with the universe, with others like me, with anything really.

As cool as this forum is, so miles beyond moveable type and the notion that there is a community eager to hear your voice, waiting for the latest poster to be hung across the door, ultimately it diminishes every voice. Everyone has a soapbox now, if they choose to use it. If you can master your #words & learn to manipulate the system to draw attention to your thoughts. Anyway, blah, blah, blah. When I was in college I got an electronic typewriter for my last year of school. I was an english major & I was always cranking out papers. On that typewriter you could actually see about 5 lines of type on a screen. It was absolutely the coolest thing ever. My description of the machine seems a bit lackluster even to me, but there had never been anything like that before. Copies were made with carbon paper. Ha! What an absolute mess that was. And if you couldn’t spell, you were screwed. Wow, it’s amazing I ever got through school.

So are blogs just another example of the dumbing down of – well I was going to say America, and that’s all I really have an opinion about. We are dumb, any country who could allow George W. Bush back to back terms of office has got serious issues. But there is so much going on that is simply beyond our understanding. Those boys on Wall Street, those masters of the universe, do you have any clue what’s happening w/ any monies you dare to invest? I don’t. It’s a total crapshoot. Do you own a home? have you refinanced lately? Man, it’s a good thing I’m hooked up w/ someone who can actually comprehend finances, compound interest rates and other complete mysteries. I couldn’t be any more oblivious.

I started to try to say something about politics, about the tea party people. There’s just something off about them, they’re angry (hey, I’m angry too!), but I’m not sure that they’ve got a complete picture. They don’t like Obama, but he’s not to blame for what’s happened to the country. They complain about taxes, well for the last 8 years we’ve not taxed the wealthy, we’ve not paid for the 2 wars we’re in, and we’ve spent like there is no tomorrow. Obama came in on the end of this joy ride. Laws were ignored that controlled the way financial tools could be bundled & sold. The greed. Anyway, a year later it’s all Obamas fault? Okay, I’m not the brightest bulb, but I’m not that dumb. Add to that a large dose of Sara Palin. She couldn’t be any more shucky-gee-wilikers, could she? Just winking & grinning to beat the band. Folksy to the max. And America loves her. Wake up America. Even Dick Cheney is scared of Sara. And that means we should all be very, very worried.


3 thoughts on “Blah, blah, blah.

  1. Your blah,blah,blah is spot on. i think there is enough blame to go around for everyone. if all of us make it a priority to stop blaming and figure out what we CAN do,perhaps all those little things will add up. also keep talking about food. it is the thing we all have in common.

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